If you’d like to help put a smile on the face and fresh, wholesome food in the belly of our communities most vulnerable people, we’d welcome your help. Whether you fancy yourself as a cook or would just like to lend a hand, your assistance will be invaluable to us.

1. We ask that all volunteers please wear closed in flat comfortable shoes. No heels, thongs or sandals, please.

2. We ask that volunteers please wear tops with sleeves, long or short – we simply ask our volunteers to please not wear singlets or sleeveless tops.

3. We have aprons available for volunteers, however, if you have a favourite feel free to bring your own.

4. It is really important that our volunteers are healthy and well when undertaking food and meal preparation. So even if you have a slight cough or sniffle, it would be best not to come in for that week.

5. We ask that volunteers please wash their hands in the sanitation station we have set up in the kitchen – especially when starting work, after changing stations, after a toilet break or after using your phone.

6. We have gloves available in the kitchen if you would like, and we ask if you could please change the gloves when changing stations.

Location of Kitchen: Hartley St, Spring Hill QLD 4000
Cooking time: 2.45pm-4.45pm
Serving Location: Kemp Place Park (Opposite Fire Station), Brisbane QLD 4006
Serving Time: 5.00pm-5.30pm