MACK Marketing – Platinum Supporter

A huge thanks needs to go to Sam from Mack Marketing. Sam has been instrumental in advising Dig In about digital online strategy. He worked tirelessly on the website and the end result is something the entire team is extremely proud of. Your advice and guidance has truly helped establish Dig In’s online presence. The updated website aesthetic and coded backend is a reflection of your design skill and coding proficiency. On behalf of the team at Dig in and all these we serve we sincerely thank you for your time, effort, advice and skills in helping us. It’s a pleasure to have you as a platinum supporter and your help is greatly appreciated. We are very grateful for your services, time and ongoing support, so thank you kindly.

Australian Secure Capital Funds

The team at Australian Secure Capital Fund generously donates weekly allowing us to buy ingredients, water and vital supplies. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support. The team’s contribution of time and resources have allowed Dig In to expand and increase our output of meals substantially. ASCF have helped us go from 60 meals a week to 120+ meals a week. For that, we are truly grateful as is the local community.

St. James College

St James College has supported Dig In from the start. The school has kindly let us use their fantastic kitchen facilities from which we base our cooking operation out of on Saturday afternoons. They have been incredibly helpful by sharing their resources and networks. Without their help, we would not be able to cook 120+ meals a week. We personally thank all of St James and their leadership team for their continued support.


Fareshare have been instrumental in helping Dig In by supplying a range of meals, ingredients and packaging items. Their dedicated team of volunteers and staff have helped us to grow in scale and feed many more people. Your support is greatly appreciated by all the team and those we serve. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Sciacca & Associates

The team at Sciacca and Assiocates have kindly provided us with office space, funding and a host of admin resources. The Principal has been a long-time advisor of Dig In and has helped us navigate through the required laws and regulations to allow us to do what we do. We appreciate the time, resources, office space, effort and donations, they have provided for us.

Alpha Companies | LinkedIn


Alpha Car Hire

As a proud supporter of Dig In, this homegrown Australian car rental company generously donates essential items for charity operations, such as gloves, foil, baking paper, watermelons, and other fruit. Additionally, they also roll up their sleeves to provide top-notch cleaning services for Dig In’s vans, keeping them spick and span for every charity drive.


All volunteers

Our volunteers are the foundation of what we do; without their time, efforts and contributions, Dig In would not be here today. Every single Saturday we arrive and serve. A special mention needs to go to those who have volunteered dozens of times for us. It is people like this that we can never truly thank enough, the time, effort and dedication it takes is extraordinary and for our volunteers to come in time and time again, really makes us feel proud to be a part of Dig In. This what it is all about, good people giving time to benefit others in a way that goes far beyond meals. The conversations, the support, the relationships that are built and the sense of community that is established make Dig In who we are. We sincerely thank everyone who has been involved to date.