Dig In Turns 3

Happy birthday to us!

On the weekend, Dig In turned 3 and we celebrated with the team and our awesome volunteers. We can’t believe how much Dig In has evolved into what it is today.

From humble beginnings in 2017, we served only a small number of people and made only a few meals. Family and friends would help us in our kitchens at home, cooking their specialty meals from scratch. However, it wasn’t long until word got around and our Dig In customers began to grow, meaning meals had to grow.

So soon enough, we moved to the St. James kitchen and our first community volunteers came on board. From here, Dig In only continued to grow and a key turning point was our partnership with FareShare in early 2019. This enabled us to greatly increase our meal output, going from approximately 90 meals to 250+ meals on a single Saturday afternoon.

Looking back on what Dig In was when we were just starting out, it is safe to say that it has become everything we wanted it to be. Three years on, we now have over 150 volunteers, serve up to 200 patrons every Saturday at two locations, and prepare more warm healthy meals than we can count. Dig In isn’t just a place where we are lucky enough to help those in need, but it’s a community where friends are made. Our amazing volunteers are all so committed to our cause which just adds to the incredible success of Dig In.

We are so grateful for the last three years and can’t wait for what the future holds for Dig In.

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