Sharing the Love with FareShare

Thank-you FareShare for providing us with healthy ingredients.

This week we’d like to take the time to appreciate our team-mates, FareShare. Just like us, FareShare is a volunteer-powered charity with a simple mission of helping those in need. FareShare provides us with a range of foods and ingredients which we use to create all our delicious and healthy meals.

The lovely people we serve are also very grateful for the nutritious food as it can be difficult to find meals that contain vegetables. FareShare shared a heartwarming story recently on their social media:

“Here’s what a lovely man had to say about our meals served by local charity Dig In. ‘It’s such nice food – I get my veggies and some beautiful roast. Lots of places just have white bread and a sausage which is OK now and then, but I need to keep healthy. It was lamb last week and I haven’t had lamb in ages. It was so special…it really gives be something to look forward to.’ (FareShare Facebook Page, 2020).

We are so thankful to have such a strong partnership with a likeminded charity, where we can lift and support each other towards achieving our missions of helping those in need.

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