Delivering the Goods During COVID-19

Our COVID-19 snapshot!

When we started the Dig In charity, we never thought we would have to become UberEat drivers, but COVID-19 likes to shake things up! While everyone else was closing over the lock-down period, we made a promise not only to ourselves, but to the many homeless we serve every week, to remain operating. We were determined to continue serving as long as it was safe and legally possible.

This did not come easy. We made many changes to our service policies and procedures to ensure we were adhering to all Government regulations. While we continued our service at Kemp Place, we also implemented a new delivery service. The aim of this delivery service was to reduce the chance of large crowds of people at Kemp Place, and boy was it a success!  

We had calls coming in left, right and centre. This delivery service was highly successful as it allowed us to continue reaching the vulnerable members of our community, at a time when it was most important.

I massive congratulations and thank-you goes out to all our amazingly dedicated volunteers who have stuck by us during this challenging time. Especially those who took the extra time to deliver the meals. Without your continued commitment and support, Dig In would not have been able to continue to help those in need.

As Government restrictions begin to ease off, we will return to our normal service at Kemp Place. We are very excited to see all the familiar faces together again.

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