Rugging Up this Winter

‘We aim to not only fill stomachs but hearts too’.

As winter well and truly settles in, nights are growing colder and colder. For those fortunate enough to have a warm bed and blanket to call their own, it is hard to imagine just how dark and dreary these winter months would be for those on the streets. Unfortunately, this is the reality for close to 6000 homeless in Brisbane (as per the 2016 consensus).

It is with great excitement that we have been given the opportunity to partner with a group of incredible volunteers from the Senior’s Knitting Group. After devoting hours of their time and resources knitting for those doing it tough this winter, this group has generously donated handmade (with love), blankets, beanies, scarves and bags.

This has definitely not gone unnoticed to those who we serve at Dig In Kemp Place, as they were all extremely grateful to receive not only a warm meal but an extra cosy woolly hug. It is very heartwarming to see these items go out to those who need it most and it wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary efforts of those in the Senior’s Knitting Group.

Fellow Dig In members handing out the warm garments from the Senior’s Knitting Group.
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