Why Volunteer at Dig In?

Dig In Volunteers Cooking Meals for the Homeless

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others, it provides an opportunity to connect and feel part of a team.

Everyone has their own reason why they would like to volunteer. At Dig In: we are so grateful to all our volunteers. We try to make it as easy as possible to sign up and get involved. We understand some charities are overloaded with volunteers, that isn’t the case with us. If you wish to volunteer you’ll be cooking, preparing and serving meals within two weeks.

The volunteering environment at Dig In: is laid-back and rewarding. What we do is relatively straightforward we cook meals from recipes and serve on time. It’s super simple stuff that anyone can help with. With the meals we cook there is a lot of downtime waiting for water to boil or meals to cook through, when this happens we all catch up and chat.

Once meals are cooked we place them in plastic containers and make our way to Kemp Place. It is here the fun begins.

We set up and start handing out meals. Once all meals are served we all break up and start chatting with everyone. Some of the stories people have are hilarious and it is really nice to build a friendship and catch up on what happened in others weeks. For me, this is certainly the highlight you just pick up where you left off last week.

This relationship would not be possible without meals. Our meals are a perfect icebreaker to start a conversation and check up on people. It can be hard at times hearing certain stories and can really make you feel like you aren’t doing enough but everyone appreciates the meal and chat far more than I initially comprehended.

When we all pack up and head back, the thanks and gratitude shown is overwhelming. It is incredible to see that a simple meal and a chat could bring out such positive emotions and be a highlight of many people’s Saturday.

This is why I volunteer for the opportunity to make someone’s day. As it certainly makes mine.

If you want experience the satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives, then check out our volunteering information page today!

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